Reader Submission of the Week - Emily Kemper

Emily Kemper from Oxfordshire, UK has sent us some well crafted abstract goodness in the form of flyers for this weeks Reader Submission.Loving the linears and the blurs, as well as the perspective taken with these--really great work.  Check out her Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter for more.

If you've got the goods, send it over and have it featured on Flyer Goodness.
Big ups to the graphic design community for the support.


rebekahlock said...

As a dedicated ek graphics follower I think i can say that the latest work being created by emily has taken her up a whole other level...she's is truley my definition of 'off-the-hook'

love and respect Bxx

p.s enjoying the blog - glad she brought me to flyer design goodness ;0)

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