John Taylor

This just made my day.

Set aside some time, because this is hilariously fun and amazing and will take some of your time sifting through given how much office time you have to kill. For those freelancing or who are unemployed, take it as a challenge.

More stupendous work from Blanka.uk graphic design specialist John Taylor showcasing great work in the form of minimalist movie posters where you have to "film" in the blank for the titles with the graphics presented--and I have to say I fail miserably in guessing these but I had a blast even though it blew my eyes out of my head just trying to interpret the abstract shapes.

Round 1: insert coin here
Round 2: insert coin here

Winnings can be purchased at the Blanka.uk counter here.


Ben J Hamilton said...

This is also a really good practice for designers to spend some time doing every so often because it tells you a lot about layouts. It uncovers design trends that you cant see otherwise, too.

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