Simply Amazing: "Jaws" Movie Poster Re-Design by Strong Stuff

This is one of those posters that leaves me mostly speechless, mostly with one of those "dang, thats so clever" moments.  Re-designing a movie poster opens new doors since the public, fans of the film in particular, are already aware of the story, famous scenes, and the movie in general.  And I love it when an artist ties together a particular scene or visually summarizes the movie as well as Strong Stuff  (aka Tom Whalen) has done here.  Check out Strong Stuff's website and DeviantArt for more.  And Jesus, I do pray that these get printed.


Bob said...

They are being printed and will be available at the Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville Pa on July 2nd, at the Jaws Screening. http://www.thecolonialtheatre.com/2010/events/jaws-whalen/

Kirsten said...

Call Kirsten at the Colonial at 610-917-1228 on Mon, Jul 5 and if we have any leftover from our screening we will happily sell one to you.

ERIK///// said...

wow, thanks to both of you. That was really kind. You'll be hearing from me

Dr. Scotch said...

How can i buy one of these please today? Any left?


Email dr.scotch at gmail dot com

Unknown said...

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