Prints and Designs from Jody Barton - Creator of Phoenix's album cover Wolfgang Amadeus

If Jody Barton transformed his design credentials and awards into military rankings, he'd be an extremely decorated officer.  It's no wonder, then, that he was commissioned to do the latest album cover for Phoenix's last release, Wolfgan Amadeus.  However, his other work is extremely notable and thought-provoking at the same time.  This London-based artist is not stuck on one design style either, as you can tell by his beautiful watercolor works.  Check out his blog and website too, it's pretty fun to click around.

Check out the story and photos of the printing process of Phoenix's last album cover on Jody's blog.

Word Head - Digital Print

Check out the illustration process for Word Head here on Jody's blog.


 Girl Racer - Digital Print


 Rasta Willy - Signed Limited Edition Screenprint

Kiss The Fist - Digital Print

Self Help - Signed Limited Edition Screenprint


 'Shoot Your Mouth Off'



The coolest way to represent bands on a gig poster:  as fish.


 Not-so-special editions

Moon map screenprint poster

 Amazing typography thats actually accurate in describing the regions of the UK in this illustrated map.
























Jody Barton's Website
Jody Barton's Blog
Jody Barton's Shop

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