Tavis Coburn - retro poster designs for biking, skating and much more

These illustrations by Tavis Coburn have to be among the best printed art on cycling.  Even with the fixed gear and biking scene blowing up with its inspired art, Tavis' style and incorporation of some Russian graphic design elements really make these works stand out.

Editorial illustration for the Cresta Run

Editorial illustration for Los Angeles Magazine.

"Mao Jordan" print available here at Tavis Coburn's shop.

Portrait of MLK for Atlanta Magazine.

"Broken Hit Factory" print available here on Tavis Coburn's shop.

While a graduate from Los Angeles' Art Center College of Design, Tavis Coburn has reached much further out in his artwork, making posters and illustrations for big names in Canada and Europe. 

Portfolio at Dunch Uncle
Tavis Coburn's shop

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