Prop4g4nd4 - Abstract jazz club flyers and posters with very unique artist portraits

Prop4g4nd4 (I'm guessing its "Propaganda" with 4's replacing the A's) is a talented artist from Salonique, Greece.  Other than that, he seems to pretty much be a mystery.  Prop4g4nd4's graphic designs are exceptionally unique, clearly raising the artistic bar of club flyer designs and party posters to a whole new level, possibly within grasp of "fine art" -- I'd definitely rather see some of his prints in some of the museums or galleries I've visited.  

It seems that Prop4g4nd4 has spent a good amount of time around some of art of Picasso and probably a fair share of old Russian graphic designs and posters from the Industrial era.  Either way, his portraits have a certain depth and the angled shapes and shading really makes his illustration style very unique.  It's something that you might stumble upon in Photoshop or Computer Arts magazine, but you'd be happy you saw it there.

While the typography might not seem overly obsessive, it's really well executed: it's broken up well in a way that pleasingly displays the information in a quickly understoood manner.

Pretty cool poster for a Peven Everett performance in Chicago.

These have to be among the most well-designed and interesting jazz posters I've seen, and if there's going to be a way to attract more of a younger generation to jazz and soul, it's going to start with unique visual promotions - like these fine examples by Prop4g4nd4.

Don't forget to check out Prop4g4nda's Myspace or his DeviantArt for more, as well as our previous post on Flyer Goodness.


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