New psychadelic art and gig poster designs by Michael Michael Motorcycle

Michael Michael Motorcycle designs probably some of the trippiest screenprints and gig posters, at least around the Los Angeles area.  Equal parts dark, twisted fairy tales and narcotics-inspired color pallets from a lucid dream, Michael has to be one of my favorite artists in this style.  He's worked with a bunch of historic venues and big events in Los Angeles and New York, as well as making gig posters for artists like Sonic Youth, The Mars Volta, Tool and New Found Glory.

Limited edition print by Michael Michael Motorcycle available here.

Limited edition ATP 10 year Anniversary Poster for The Mars Volta and Modest Mouse available here.

My favorite print of the lot, what is this guy supposed to be?  An olde English clown, or one of those fat gentlemen from olden days who strut around with a cane?
Limited edition poster for Built to Spill available here.

Limited edition 7-color screenprint available here.

Limited edition Widespread Panic poster available here.

Poster for All Tomorrow's Parties 2009 New York available here.

I haven't listened to Tool since middle school, but this poster is pretty rad.

Sonic Youth gig poster by Michael Michael Motorcycle

Super trippy Mars Volta gig poster by Michael Michael Motorcycle

Another acid-trip Mars Volta gig poster by Michael Michael Motorcycle

If you're digging his style, be sure to check out more of Michael's poster designs at our previous post here.

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