Scott Campbell - New Posters and More

Love the line patterns on the keyboard

Try this:  Stand up, step away from your computer.  
Does this look like an old film strip test screen?

With the Appleseed Cast getting all sorts of hype lately, pick up this poster available for purchase here.




I dont know why, but this poster, although pretty simple, has some real rhythm to it.

I love this poster for the geometry and the division by lines, but it needs just a little something else to become WOW.

I don't want to love this because I can't read it, but I really do.

A very peaceful poster, if I owned a breakfast cafe it'd fit perfectly behind the counter.

This has inspired me to look at more of these antique sound furnishings.

It's like part ticket stub, part book, part 1940's record sleeve...and it fits together all so nicely.


Here's some more great gig posters from the talented Scott Campbell, a designer with a unique eye for retro geometry that's short and sweet.  Check out more in our previous post on Scott.

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