Obey Propaganda

Flyers for Obey Giant that have that defiant and old school feel like you're ready to march off to a protest with a cardboard poster and conventional torch in hand. They evoke an almost political satire-from-past-decades feel in a contemporary setting that has risen in popularity through the art direction of renown graphic designer / actvist / dj Shepard Fairey who designed the Obama "HOPE" poster like a boss.

His use of artistic talent for nonprofit organizations and the less fortunate make his design work that much more awesome and inspiring. His most recent work on American artist Jasper Johns here and his work from earlier in the year on a shirt in promotion of a film on the preservation of nature called 180 South.

+also the Obey sample sale (preview) is this weekend for those of you in the socal region. Having gone to one last year, the line can get pretty lengthy and tedious, but for $10 shirts from them its not half bad.


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