Livia Foldes

Some very crisp, very clean posters designed by Livia Foldes. Her eye for layout and typography is amazing, and is able to say so much, so interestingly, with so little.

EDIT: Livia Foldes worked with the MINE team in San Francisco to turn out the beauftiful Mill Valley Film Festival poster below.


Christopher Simmons said...

It should be noted that the Mill Valley Poster was designed by MINE while Livia was an intern here. Excellent work, but there were several people involved.


Flyer Goodness said...

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the update -- If there's one thing that we try to do, its trying to give credit where its due, especially in the tangled mess of the poster/flyer scene

Christopher Simmons said...

No worries. Thanks for the update. We do our best to fully credit everyone in the studio who works on our projects also.

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