DJs Pareja

The flyers for DJ's Pareja are pretty awesome, and it seems that they may be the ones responsible for these designs as well (waiting to confirm). The first post for the Hercules+Love Affair event reminded me of the doodling style of So Me, while the two below employ vibrant colors and very clean design.


Anonymous said...

hey bro !
the first and the last ones are superb, but the second one is really bad. typography and composition are not good at all. no balance or style.
i doubt that one designer is responsible for all of them !

keep up the good work !

erik//////////////////// said...

Thanks for your comment Vytis, i really appreciate your insights. yea seriously, I was thinking the same thing, but the photo/graphic backdrop is really cool.

I totally agree that the text colors were poorly chosen, and the fonts don't really complement the composition, and even the positioning could be better. But at this point im just curious if anyone knows if that photo is original.