Amon Tobin's ISAM Live Tour: Animation with 3D Projection Mapping

Photo by Joshua Maser

The view from inside the control room, via the Amon Tobin tumblr.


Thanks to Rishi, the Flyer Goodness team bore witness to the most visually intense audio-visual spectacle to date: Amon Tobin's ISAM live tour.  Involving the very talented creatives at Leviathan and V Squared Labs, this performance was more than just a massive spectacle -- it truly is a well thought out, fantastically concepted, and incredibly intricate work of art that is synced seamlessly to each track in Amon Tobin's set.  Words, photos, and even video don't do any of this live performance much justice.  Whatever a ticket price might be, or however far the drive would be to get there, I can't vouch enough enough for having your mind torn apart by such a beautiful and immersing performance, put together nonetheless by countless toiling hours by many of insanely creative individuals.  Youtube videos cannot even begin to capture how fast, detailed and complicated the animations are, and how incredibly real they look on this alien-looking, massive, stage-filling structure that looms before you.  This show has been sold out in many cities and has won awards for hundreds of good reasons.


simwave.ca said...

I want to use project mapping for building models .. which application and projector is good for this ?

Projection mapping

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