Los Angeles Poster Artists -- Two Rabbits Studios

Two Rabbits Studios is made up of the Los Angeles duo Bob & Mike, who are not only freakin' talented artists but are also cool guys with who like cool music.  It's always fun to look through their prints at art shows (you can catch them at their booth in the Downtown LA Art Walks).  Check out their website and online store if you see anything you like -- you won't regret it.

I picked up the art print version of this Cut Copy gig poster, appropriately titled "Geotastical."  It's a beautifully complex screen print that is so much more awesome in person.

This No Fx poster is all sorts of cool.

I had this poster in my hands, and I almost bought it, but I didn't, and I regret it.
Its a beautiful Weezer gig poster on chipboard, and luckily it's available here for $20.

Pretty radical: one of Two Rabbits' latest posters for a Danzig gig last month.

The Rabbits love bicycles, and they sell a bunch of prints with them.  This one called "20 Bikes" is particularly cool, check it out on their bigcartel.

I'm sure eveyone has seen commemorative sports memorabillia that is all kinds of suck, but this Kobe gameface portrait is a pretty damn awesome way to celebrate Los Angeles as the 2010 Champions.  Pick it up for $25 on their website.

Gig poster for The Raveonettes available here.

Gig poster for The Cranberries available here.

Band of Horses gig poster available here for $20

3 Color print for Tegan & Sara available here.

Trippy Sonic Youth poster designed by Max Neutra, available here.

Two Rabbits Studios -- Website
Two Rabbits Studios -- Store
Two Rabbits Studios -- Facebook
Two Rabbits Studios -- Twitter


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