Music Goodness: Gold Panda

Awesome cover art for the You EP, designed by the talented Andy Gilmore.

We caught Gold Panda playing his live set a few days ago at the Troubador in Los Angeles.

Classic Train Logos


We don't usually put up photograph heavy posts, but today I felt that some of these were pretty blog-worthy.  These don't just look cool because of the actual wear and tear vintage effect, but for the rather keen looking logos and lettering.  The Chicago and Northwestern logo was done in the late 1800s folks. The late eighteen-freakin'-hundreds.  


Poster: Ghandi's Ten Fundamentals for a Changing World

I ran into this cool design by graphic design student Francesca Ramos from Los Angeles, California.  She's made it available here as a free download.  Also check out her DeviantArt for more.

Film Poster Re-Dos by Owain Wilson

So I know that the whole thing with minimalist posters have kind of run the gamut and have been done over and over (hence the hiatus on said posts), but looking at Owain Wilson's movie poster remakes, I felt that they were automatically disqualified since they capture memorable scenes and parts of films in a cool way.

 But off the record, is it really true that minimalist posters are starting to fade as a trend with every movie, comic book character, and television show?

Art will be art.


"Home Truth" Idioms by Sam Bevington

Sam Bevington from London put together these posters based on common sayings and idioms that really are fun to interpret.  His collaged vintage paper that he layers under adds a nice touch, along with the bold lettering.  And his happy characters remind me of Saturday morning cartoons.


Video Goodness: A Brief History of Movie Title Design

This is an awesome video screened at this year's SXSW film festival, put together by Ian Albinson for Art of the Title.