Smatik (part II)


Here's an extra long post with extra flyer goodness to help you pick up the slack after the Christmas slump.  Check out more of German designer Smatik at his website, and also a cool flyer he designed a while back.

Tyler Stout (part II)

Some rad poster illustrations by the infamous Tyler Stout.  Don't forget to check out his cool designs for the Flight of the Conchords' US tour.


Robin Snasen Rengård

Oslo-based Snasen has a very clean attention to detail, as apparent in these wonderful pieces.  I love it when typography and texture starts blending together in such a way where it's difficult to distinguish the different elements going on.


Alejandra Román

Hailing from Buenos Aires, Alejandra Román is the talented designer behind these very cool poster designs for two very cool bands.  These works are more than just inspirations off a layered infographic, but their graphical complexity really reflects the impact of data technology and how it can be utterly beautiful.


Michael Michael Motorcycle

If you've ever seen one of Michael Michael Motorcycle's flyers or posters around Pasadena, you'd be drawn into a trance of how beautifully trippy and radical these complex artpieces are.  Check out more of his wonderful art at his website.


Victor Bregante

Flying Flyers that do a grandiose job in stimulating the salivary glands and creative juices in the brain.
Barcelona is known to have an eccentrically wild nightlife that starts late and ends even later. With flyers like these around, it would only entice you even more to go out for a few rounds of drinks and more rounds on the dance floor.

Flyer Goodness rule #26:
Image is everything.

And just cause his curvature ability is insanely 'ill', this hot dog he did is out of this world.


Tyler Stout - Flight of the Conchords (part II)

Some other promotional posters that Tyler Stout made for the rest of the Flight of the Conchords tour in the US.  All very uniquely illustrated as they are deviant -- check out our previous post for the rest of the set.

Gary Grimshaw

One of the legendary gig poster artists, Gary Grimshaw helped to shape the poster scene in his native Detroit, contributing his psychadelic and zany style since the 1960's.  Check out his website to see more of his work.


Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival

Cool poster for San Francisco's Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival this past year.  Design credits unknown, if you have any ideas, please comment!


SuperExpresso - Jett Market

Some more flyer amazingness by SuperExpresso aka Michele Angelo from Barcelona.  See our previous post with his work here or his internet-famous "Good Life" flyer design that we posted earlier, here.