Happy Holidays

Enjoy your holidays with your beloveds and with much merriment.


Flyer Goodness


RSOW -- Homework

Homework is a design studio based in Poland run by Jerzy Skakun and Joanna Górska that does design work for cultural events, with much of their work recognized internationally.  Whatever reason they decided in coming up with the name "Homework" I completely agree with.

Reader submissions wanted, drop us a link!


VHS Box Graphics

The VHS is a consumer-level analog recording videotape-based cassette standard developed by Victor Company of Japan (JVC) in the 1970s.  The box covers for VHS tapes I feel are very underrated in simple and clean geometric design with big lettering.


Abstract Design by Penabranca

A select many few pieces from Sao Paolo, Brazil based Penabranca who likes to create psychedelic symmetrically depth design that makes you think twice about what you're looking at.  Recommended listening to his side music project Camel Heads while viewing his work highly encouraged.