Vintage Russian Ephemera

So I don't read Russian, but I've always admired the lettering and characters.  Strangely Fascinating.

via JordanLloyd's Flickr


Solid Poster Design by Kiosk

Kiosk is a Sheffield, UK based multi-disciplinary design studio founded by former Designers Republic senior designer David Bailey.  Really digging his Future Sonic poster with its polygonal shading.
Nailed it.

Olympics 2012 Posters Proposal by Alan Clarke

Alan Clarke is a former University College Falmouth design student from the UK, and as good as these posters he designed for the upcoming olympics are, it was decided that these were to not be the chosen posters and that everything we know to be fair and just is a lie.  But really, he did a really great job in capturing the "movement and energy of the games in a simple yet abstract way".

via Noisy Decent Graphics


Reader S.O.W -- Paul Smith

This weeks Reader Submission of the week: Paul Smith.  Part abstract, part illusionary.  All crazy design.  Some nice positioning and opacity layers in his works, and he seems to do a good job in drawing your eyes to  the center a lot.

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Fresh Geometrics by EMPK (Diego Bellorin)

Geometry doesn't get much better than this.  EMPK is a design studio from Sao Paulo, Brazil  run by Diego Bellorin (designer) and Barbara Allain (photographer), specializing in geometric art direction and anything else that has to do with asymmetrical shapes, vibrant colorways, and dazzling compositions.  You get a really strong impression from each piece, and you can see just how all the small details play an important role in tying everything together.

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