SuperExpresso aka Michele Angelo

SuperExpresso was kind enough to send in these fine works of art promoting the Good Life festival in Barcelona.  His work does not only reveal very pleasing geometry, but the depth and textures really bring out a modern, yet organic feel.  The tyographic work done for the "Good Life" title stands strong even on its own.

Stephanie Davidson

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Toronto-based Stephanie Davidson does not only crank out really cool posters and flyers, but is also a pro at designing animated gifs.


Aesthetic Apparatus - The Dead Weather tour


Even in faded grayscale Aesthetic Apparatus is able to design some attention-grabbing posters for The Dead Weather's recent tour.  It'd be really interesting to see their process in assembling these strange figures and faces with very unconventional objects...the inside of two palms as the shape of a head?  Revolver triggers as eyebrows?  I want what they're taking.



This talented designer has been putting out some sick flyer and poster designs in Budapest.  Check out more of Roki's work on his Flickr.



Experimental Jetset

An unarguably cool poster by Experimental Jetset for Second Amsterdam Film Night.  It's quite a skill to play with geometry in a way to evoke such depth in a very minimal, simple way.


Zack Anderson

Mr. Anderson
Location: Chi-Town

mans got style.


Hatch Show Print - American Artifact

An amazing letterpress poster by Hatch Show Print, an infamous shop that has been cranking out carved wooden type on paper since the 1950's in Nashville.  You can check out just how old-school their printmaking process is on their clip on the American Artifact website.  If you can, check out the trailer and see if they're screening in your area, because its a pretty cool documentary on the traditional and non-digital craft of making flyers and posters.


Detroit Bar

Orange County flavor from Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa, CA

John Warner


 John Warner is a silk-screening legend from Philadelphia, cranking out hundreds of cool posters that should replace a lot of the junk we see in art galleries these days.  Make sure to visit his website and buy a print or two if you're not living off ketchup packets.


Carolina Nino

Some buenos flyers and compositioning from Nino down south in Buenos Aires


Jon Van Hamersveld

Some uber retro and hyper-psychadelic posters and flyers designed by the infamous Jon Van Hamersveld.  This is another must-know designer who really set the scene for this unique acid-trip color-blast style.


Paul Grabowski

Paul Grabowski designed this very intricate poster, a winner of last years Adobe Achievement Design Awards. Click on the zoomed portions of the poster below to see just how fascinated this designer is with typography.