David Klein - Retro 1950's Travel Posters

Vintage travel advertising and broadway window posters from the 1950s/1960s.

Coming from a watercolor background, Klein made post-war era travel appealing and animated through the way he implements landmarks and abstract coloring in his posters. He really knows how to provoke that gung-ho attitude through visual imagery in these.

The first poster was featured in an article by Entertainment Weekly in the discussion of the Emmy and Golden Globe winning AMC drama Mad Men. Surely one of the most influential and greatest commercial illustrators of our time. Found off grain edit here.


Justin Van Genderen - Star Wars Posters


A little something for all you star wars fans out there:  Justin Van Genderen designed these cool posters devoted to each city, planet, moon and floating metropolis in the Star Wars universe.  When will these be available for prints?  Until then, check out the original posting on his Behance.


Obey Giant - New Stuff

Poster for show in Cincinnati only available there.

Definitely good for a a comic tour poster, like Tyler Stout's Flight of the Conchords work.
Sold out here 

Collaboration with Shepard Fairey, Cleon Peterson and Casey Ryder.
For Artists for Peace and Justice.  All proceeds go to Haiti.

If you're a Steven Colbert fan, download the printable pdf here.

Collaboration with Ernesto Yerena, available here.

Shepard Fairey of Obey Giant seems to be doing work for not-so-typical clients lately; the Henry Rollins and Stephen Colbert prints definitely surprised me.  I can't say much about how much Goodness is in those posters (I doubt that the colbert one was actually touched by Shepard's hand...looks like something you could draft up in Illustrator...while forgetting completely about the type).  However, the typography and geometry is VERY appealing in the first one, and I hope that's not arguable.  See more OBEY in our previous posts.


Network Osaka

Network Osaka update, with some 2010 work.
He's still doing his thing with a keen minimalist eye and a dashing approach at color selection.

Also his newest font Haute, now available for purchase.

Neat meets cluttered in his silkscreened thank you card he designed for Target from Wieden + Kennedy.
Design level:over 9,000!!!!!!


Kent Hernandez - Haiti + More

Really digging how the country is divided up, really complements the typography.

Very geometrically and colorfully pleasing.  Like a retro game show, but cool.

These thin flyers would make amazing bookmarks...

The album is still available for download here.

Take a look at any of these flyers and just try to tell me that they aren't some of the coolest things you've seen recently.  We posted a while ago on Kent Hernandez, and its good seeing his new designs even more visually stunning than before.  And, thanks for the props (of the props) Kent.


Ivan Petrusevski

Strong followup work on Ivan from Macedonia after checking in on his work again.

He has a very 90's Nickelodeon style in some of his designs that bring out the inner-kid for those who spent unnecessarily numerous but indispensable hours on cartoons during the best decade to watch them.
Also one of the first&few flyers I've seen that uses the font VAL rather nicely.

Our first find on him from last year here.


Small Studio


There's not too much I could find about Small Studio apart from their French blog, except for the fact that they are able to deliver solid poster designs with interesting typographic layouts. 


M. Brady Clark

Another living example of agency-employed designers who turn into successful freelancers, M. Brady Clark has made posters for some big names, and apparently a lot of work for Johnny Cupcakes.  As usual, if you like what you see, check out his shop on BigCartel to purchase prints.