Grzegorz Matyszewski

He's been on here before, but Gregorz Matyszewski from Warsaw, Poland is going for the FG two-peat.  Checking up on his work, he too has been keeping busy working for T-Sign Studios. Some nice lettering work here, and really digging his cinematic monsters.


Awesome Posters and Flyers from the OBEY Giant Archives

Spent a few hours digging through the heavy and rich archives of the OBEY website, so here's some cool gig posters, show flyers, album sleeves and prints by Shephard Fairey and OBEY that I've never seen before.


The Colorful Geometric Graphic Designs of Andy Gilmore

Checking up again on Andy Gilmore, its apparent that hes added a heck of a lot more work to his site. How he makes these--I have no idea, but the patterns and geometry use is pretty spectacular.  Especially like this last piece he did for Ann Arbor, Michigan label Ghostly International's Gold Panda.

Also see more of his work in our older post on him here.